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The Business Advisory Council for Southeastern Europe and Eurasia is an advisory body composed of some 35 international investors and business representatives from more than 20 countries, whose experience and activities span across a wide range of sectors which are key to regional growth and development.

Established originally under the auspices of the Southeast European Cooperative Initiative in 1996 (SECI BAC), the network reflected the concerns and proposals of the private sector on the reconstruction and development process of transition economies in the region. Composed of volunteers from within and outside the region, the SECI BAC joined forces with the Business Advisory Council of the Stability Pact for Southeast Europe (SP BAC) in December 2002, establishing the Business Advisory Council for Southeast Europe.

Having served as the private sector arm of the broader network for Southeast European reconstruction and development for 15 years, the network today embraces the broader Eastern European periphery and adds value to bilateral and multilateral cooperation processes seeking private sector input and leadership in Southeast Europe and Eurasian transitioning economies.

The network calls for effective public-private partnerships and communication on cross-border cooperation, competitiveness, good governance, human capital, infrastructure, and regional trade and investment. BAC works in close cooperation with the European Commission, various IFIs (such as the World Bank and the EBRD) and development organizations(such as OSCE and OECD), as well as regional bodies and local business communities. As such, BAC is regularly invited to contribute to regional and international policy-making forums, and holds meetings and missions in various centers of the region. Annual activities are highlighted by a highly-profiled event, which brings together key policy makers from the sphere of business, finance, politics and academia.


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