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Initiatives of the Business Advisory Council are focused on enhanced regional and cross-border economic cooperation, and serve the following objectives:

  • development of basic infrastructure, through the identification and prioritization of marketable and economically profitable projects, on the basis of comprehensive strategies and policy planning
  • public private partnerships, with an emphasis on the introduction and application of international best practices
  • investment facilitation, aiming at improved marketing of investment opportunities, development of local capacities, adoption and implementation of investment related legislation and regulations in line with the European acquis, equal treatment of foreign and domestic investors, resolution of land and ownership ambiguities, and radical reform of the judiciary and court systems
  • facilitation of entrepreneurship, SME development and employment, through increased availability of financing on the micro-level, and promotion of innovation and sustainable competition in the local and regional markets
  • regional trade and transport facilitation, though elimination of non-tariff barriers to trade (NTBs), simplification of border crossing procedures, fighting corrupt practices at borders and promotion of safe border management
  • capacity building and education, focusing on the introduction of the project management concept in public administration, improved vocational training, and the development of language and e-skills.

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